Channel 27 is a regular UHF channel. You will need to point your external UHF antenna toward the Rocklin area. If you are on cable, you can ask your cable provider to install a A/B switch so you can switch to regular TV. You will still need a UHF external antenna and a booster may help. If you have COMCAST Cable our programs are on Channel 75, from midnight to 5 am every day! If you have technical questions on how to receive this channel, you may call Ed Ensminger at (916) 344-3300.

Because of code restrictions in Roseville, we presently have only a 40 foot tower and are reaching a limited number of homes. However, we now have a marvelous opportunity to move our antenna to a new 300 foot tower currently under construction. This new location will enable Channel 27 to reach most of the homes in the Greater Sacramento area! (Approximately 1 million people)

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